Internship Programme


The IDEAS Internship Programme is designed for students who want to make a difference and contribute to the development of public policy in Malaysia.

An internship at IDEAS allows young Malaysians to tackle real issues in policy areas spanning the full breadth of work our think-tank does. As an intern, you will have the opportunity to work alongside our experienced full-time staff in helping out in the day-to-day operations of a world-renowned think-tank.

Your main tasks will include conducting research, organising logistics for events, assisting in our public outreach activities, fundraising as well as administrative duties.

Interns will be primarily attached to either our Research or External Relations Division at our Bukit Tunku office.



  • Develop your soft-skills and learn about public policy formulation at the world’s 5th best new think-tank of 2013 (TTCSP Global Think Tank Index Report)
  • Meet key policy and decision makers spanning multiple sectors, including members of NGOs, business professionals, the media and government officials
  • Organise and attend seminars, workshops and events at the forefront of Malaysia’s rapidly developing public policy sector
  • Lead fundraising initiatives and develop strategic communications skills for public outreach as well as technical skills in website and social media management
  • Undertake independent projects and help contribute to tangible changes in public and private sector governance
  • At the end of your internship, you will be asked to give a presentation summarising the main challenges and key lessons of your internship experience














Intern IDEAS Testimonial 2















IMG_6406Our Research Division is responsible for conducting robust research on a wide range of topics, with a specific focus on exploring how market ideas can be applied to public policy challenges.

Our team produces a wide variety of publications, ranging from policy papers designed for relevant stakeholders to briefing documents for the general public. Over the last two years, our team has produced high quality research covering areas such as Economics and Trade, Good Governance, Education and Intellectual Property Rights.

We seek interns who can produce well-reasoned and thorough research to assist our team. You will have the opportunity to apply your knowledge and skills to real-world public policy issues, while honing your writing and analytical skills.




The External Relations Division comprises our Events, Communications and Fundraising units. These three units manage and oversee all contact outside IDEAS to help maintain a consistent public presence.

Our division plans and executes all strategic communication (media relations, social media, website), organises high-quality events (closed-door roundtable discussions, public forums) and conducts fundraising activities for the organisation.

As an intern in External Relations, you will learn about the operational side of a think-tank. You will be placed in one of three units where you will be actively involved in the full process of its activities, including designing communication plans, events planning and dealing with a wide variety of external stakeholders such as the media, civil society, the private sector and the government.




We also have internships and volunteer opportunities available at our sister organisations. For those who are interested to work with children with autism, you can apply for an internship at the IDEAS Autism Centre in Rawang. For those who are interested to work with refugees and low-income students, you can volunteer at the IDEAS Academy in Pudu.




  • Must be Malaysian or have permission to work in Malaysia (unfortunately, IDEAS is unable to sponsor work visas for non-Malaysians)
  • Must be 18-years-old and above. Interns below the age of 18 may apply to shadow a staff member
  • Able to commit minimum of two months as an intern at IDEAS
  • Have the ability to work both independently and as a member of a team
  • Be a self-starter and have a proactive attitude
  • Willingness to contribute in team discussions and learn on the job



  • Must have written and verbal proficiency in English (Bahasa Malaysia, Chinese or Tamil is an added bonus)
  • Have previous experience in research (high-school, college or university projects)




  • Have good organisation skills and be able to work in a fast-paced environment
  • Interns from any background/degree subject may apply



  • Must have written and verbal proficiency in either English or Bahasa Malaysia (Chinese or Tamil is an added bonus)
  • Able to work in a fast-paced environment and cope well with multiple deadlines
  • Interns with majors in languages, communications, design, IT or any other related fields are highly encouraged to apply but those with backgrounds in other degree subjects are also welcome



  • Must have written and verbal proficiency in either English or Bahasa Malaysia (Chinese or Tamil is an added bonus)
  • Have good organisation skills and be able to work in a fast-paced environment
  • Interns with backgrounds in sales and marketing or design are encouraged but those with other backgrounds are also welcome



Your application should contain the following:

  • A resume detailing your academic and extra-curricular achievements
  • Short answers (limit of 150 words) to the following questions:
    • Why do you want to be a part of IDEAS?
    • Describe what you want to achieve from the internship
  • Samples of your written work
  • Start and end dates of your internship

Please email all applications to



As a libertarian think-tank, you will be exposed to the basic principles and major thought-movements underpinning classical liberalism.

We expect that you will further your personal development during your internship by reading articles and books, leading internal discussions, contributing ideas to existing projects and finally, present to the organisation your personal learning throughout the period.

This is a recommended reading list if you are interested in interning with IDEAS:


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  • Catherine 2015 Nov 13 / 16:06

    HI I would to apply for next year. Is there any internship opportunities for me next year? Is there any requirements needed?

  • Henry Wong 2015 Dec 07 / 08:38

    Hello there, good day! I would also like to apply for next year’s internship. Is there any opening starting from January till the end of February next year? My university intake is starting next March and I’m interested in working with the economics team at IDEAS.

    • admin 2015 Dec 07 / 09:45

      Hi Henry,

      The slots are full till end of Feb 2016. Sorry.

    • admin 2015 Dec 07 / 09:45

      Hi Henry,
      The slots are full till end of Feb 2016. Sorry.

      • Henry Wong 2015 Dec 07 / 10:52

        Hi! May I know how long is the usual internship?

        • admin 2015 Dec 07 / 11:00

          Hi Henry,
          The typical length is 2-3 months, especially for research related position.

  • diana 2015 Dec 08 / 11:23

    hai, Is there any opening for internship starting from february 2016 till the end of july 2016 next year?

  • Amanda Yeo 2015 Dec 13 / 19:37

    Hi. Is there any internship between January till June next year?

  • Qiao Yi 2016 Jan 07 / 02:18

    Hi. Would you have any internship from Dec 2016 until Feb 2017 next year?

  • Liyanaa Athira Baharuddin 2016 Jan 08 / 14:27

    Hello! Is there a specific or recommended subject or topic that the sample of written work should cover?

    • admin 2016 Jan 08 / 14:44

      Hi Liyanaa,

      Generally speaking we would like to see written work on politics, economics and trade, education policies and governance. We want to see whether your understand the subject matter and are able to convey that through writing.

      All the best!

      • Liyanaa Athira Baharuddin 2016 Jan 09 / 15:18

        Thank you for the clarification!

  • Irham Yunardi 2016 Jan 11 / 13:31

    Hello, I am an Indonesian interested in having an internship experience at IDEAS. Would it still be possible for me to intern here? What sort of visa would I need? Many thanks.

  • ezhar ehsan 2016 Jan 13 / 23:56

    hello admin.. i wanna ask somethig.. i’m taking bachelor in accountancy in birmingham city university and and this year is 2nd year.. i would like to do summer internship on july-sept it available?

    • admin 2016 Feb 11 / 11:06

      Hi Ezhar,

      Thanks for your interest. Please submit all internship enquiries to All the best in your application!

  • Sandra Yeoh 2016 Jan 17 / 14:27

    Hello! How early prior to the internship would be advisable when submitting my application? Thank you!

  • Firdausi Suffian 2016 Feb 10 / 06:13

    Hi there, is there internship openning for May 2016 til August 2016?

    • admin 2016 Feb 10 / 16:06

      Hi Firdausi,

      You may contact IDEAS and speak to Ms Sheefa Ahmad regarding internship.

  • Rui Zhi Cheong 2016 Feb 22 / 04:11

    Hello, are there any internship opportunities for the summer of 2016 (anytime between June and September would be fine). I currently attend university abroad therefore would not be able to contact IDEAS via phone, however I am able to email! Thank you, and your reply would be much appreciated.

  • Zen 2016 Aug 17 / 10:01

    Is the sample of written work expected to be an article or research paper? Thank you.

  • Voon Ai Mun 2016 Sep 27 / 17:29

    Hi, I understand you do not have vacancies for any full-time positions but I was hoping you would consider an undergraduate in Economics and Econometrics who has a passion in Development Economics and Gender Studies about to graduate at the end of the year! I am very much interested to be part of your research team and would like to contribute something to Malaysia!

  • Kesavarthini Jegatheesan 2016 Nov 05 / 15:01

    Hi, i would like to do an internship in IDEAS starting end of June 2017 for 3 months. Do i need to submit my cv now to the provided email address or can i do it next year onwards? Thank you

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