The Monarchy and The Constitution in Malaysia

The Monarchy and The Constitution in Malaysia

Author: Abdul Aziz Bari

This book is a must read for those interested in the working of constitutional democracy in Malaysia for several reasons. Firstly, it deals with the legal issues in a comprehensive way. Unlike most law books that are opaque for lay readers, it is accessible even for non-lawyers due to the lucid way it deals with the subject. Secondly, it is the only work that deals with the legitimacy of the position and roles of the Malaysian monarchy in modern democracy – something that appeals not only to Malaysian but also to those from countries that still retain the institution. Originally a doctoral thesis, the book takes a look at the history and development of the monarchy in Malaysia, which provide the moral bases for its constitutional roles. This is essentially what the provisions in the current constitution are all about.

Even though the book deals mainly with the justifications for the continuance of the monarchy institution, it is nonetheless relevant for present-day issues and controversies as those justifications are basically the answers for those questions. These are also the standards by which to judge whether the actions – or inactions – taken by the rulers were justifiable. As such, even though the book does not deal with the more recent crises such as the Perak political crisis in 2009, one may find answers alluded to in the relevant chapters. This is one of the reasons why this book will continue to be relevant in years to come.


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