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Social Policy

Social policy plays an important role in reducing inequality and ensuring our society is fair and equitable. It analytically examines how the wellbeing of individuals is evolving through the lens of various disciplines to; achieve a deep understanding that is needed, to propose innovative solutions to policy problems that fail to promote human wellbeing.

At IDEAS, we share the same belief that growth should be inclusive and that no one should be left behind. In promoting an inclusive Malaysia, our ongoing projects advocate for Malaysia’s development to benefit everyone by; assessing barriers to education for Orang Asli, highlighting the unmet needs of refugees, supporting the development of a national framework for rare diseases, evaluating the effectiveness of agricultural subsidies and state trading enterprises in ensuring food security.

The Social Policy Unit at the Institute of Democracy and Economic Affairs currently focuses on three areas:


  • Healthcare
  • Inclusive Growth
  • Education


Professor Fatimah Kari

Fatimah Mohamed Arshad

Senior Fellow

Fatimah Mohamed Arshad is a research fellow at the Institute of Agricultural and Food Policy Studies, Universiti Putra Malaysia specializing in agricultural marketing and policy analyses.