Remembering the Tunku’s Malaysia 2021-03-02T15:59:05+08:00
Reviving The tunku's Malaysia

When the Tunku declared our independence in 1957, and the founding of Malaysia in 1963, the country was brimming with idealism.  We had a noble ambition.  Today, we need to work to revive those ideals: to bring back the notion that Malaysia will forever be a nation that champions liberty and justice for all.

At IDEAS we do this through our work and writings as well as through our flagship events the Liberalism Conference and our Annual Dinner commemorating the Tunku.


The Liberalism Conference 2016

Our flagship event, The Liberalism Conference, is held every year to discuss the country’s most contested issues and to debate whether a liberal approach can provide solutions to these problems. The conference is deliberately designed to be a platform for opinion leaders with differing views on liberalism to present their thoughts. We are one of the very few organisations in the country who has the ability to convene a diverse group of speakers for a healthy debate.


Commemorating the Tunku

We celebrate the Tunku’s birthday on 8 February every year. Graced by generations of the Tunku’s family and friends, we always feature a keynote speech in remembrance of the Tunku’s vision and the founding principles of our country.