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Giving Voice to the Poor
Author: Philip Stevens & Dr. Helmy Haja Mydin

Date: February 2013

Fake medicines – which are either criminally motivated or the result of lax manufacturing standards – are a worsening problem, particularly in Asia. In some of poorer parts of the continent, up to a quarter of medicines fail quality tests.

Evidence shows that cheap generic drugs are the most faked medicines in Asia, although there appears to be a particular problem with anti-malarial drugs in places such as Laos and Cambodia. China and India appear to be production hotspots.

MACC boost
Author: IDEAS

Date: July 2012

This Policy Ideas explores negative public perception of MACC’s independence and recommends several steps that can be taken to improve this perception.

Hung Parliament and Caretaker Government
Author: IDEAS

Date: June 2012

In this Policy Ideas briefing paper we explore the steps necessary after an election, especially if there is an uncertain election outcome, or hung parliament. By looking at case studies from 3 mature constitutional democracies – United Kingdom, The Netherlands and Sweden – we argue that there is need for clear policies concerning the scope of a caretaker government, negotiations over government formation, and the role of the Rulers and Council of Rulers in the democratic process.

Hung Parliament and Caretaker Government
Author: IDEAS

Date: May 2012

This Policy Ideas evaluates the National Education Dialogue Series that have been organised by the Ministry of Education to review of our national education policy.

IDEAS attended the dialogue series in five first dialogues to observe the proceedings. We feel the Ministry has planned the series well, and, that it is also a very important part in ensuring the new education blueprint is inclusive.

Civil service and change of government
Author: IDEAS

Date: March 2012

This Policy Ideas briefing paper argues that a smooth transition is more than just a peaceful transfer of power. It is also about ensuring that the effective functioning of government does not become too disrupted during the transition period. It provides case studies on how transition was managed in the United States, the United Kingdom and Germany, and the strengths and weaknesses of the systems in these countries.


IDEAS REPORT: Modern agrotechnology and subsidies in Malaysian agriculture: Are we using them wisely?

Author: Wan Saiful

Date: April 2011

This report is the result of a study conducted by the Institute for Democracy and Economic Affairs (IDEAS). Our aim is to explore the issues faced by Malaysian farmers in relation to the use of modern agricultural technology. Our ultimate concern is to find ways by which the livelihoods (and productivity) of Malaysian farmers can be improved.