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Published Date: August 2017

Promoting liberal ideas in a country like Malaysia is never an easy undertaking. The country presents a good mixture of conservatism, statism, and perhaps more importantly, ignorance about what liberalism really is. In this book Wan Saiful Wan Jan attempts to tackle the various policy challenges as they arose. Some of his comments, written as opinion articles that were published in Malaysian press, are topical and bonded to the time during which they were written, while some others are more of a “big picture” commentary. This book also contains new content that has not been published elsewhere: and a specially-commissioned interview by prolific writer Eddin Khoo and an epilogue by Wan Saiful Wan Jan.

Minister of Finance Incorporated
Publisher: Gerakbudaya

Published Date: August 2017

This is a study of Malaysia’s new political economy, with a focus on ownership and control of the corporate sector. It offers a pioneering assessment of government-linked investment companies (GLICs), a type of state-owned institution that has long prevailed in the corporate sector but has not been analysed. Malaysia’s history of government-business ties is unique, while the nature of the nexuses between the state and the corporate sector has undergone major transitions. Corporate power has shifted from the hands of foreign firms to the state to the ruling party, and well-connected businessmen, and back to the state.

Dialog: Thoughts on Tunku’s Timeless Thinking
Publisher: Gerakbudaya

Published Date: 2017

DIALOG is a major new anthology of Tunku Abdul Rahman’s enduring wit and wisdom, and the response of contemporary Malaysians to it. From politicians to rappers, from young and old, from actors to academics, Tunku’s thoughts, ideas and values continue to resonate, fascinate and illuminate.

Memerangi Rasuah di Malaysia: Cukupkah Usaha Kita?
Author: Anis Yusal Yusoff, Jenny Gryzelius and Sri Murniati

Published Date: 2014

Buku ini menghimpun “sejarah” usaha memerangi rasuah di Malaysia dan membentangkan secara selayang pandang usaha-usaha yang telah diambil oleh pelbagai agensi, kelompok, dan pertubuhan masyarakat sejak beberapa dekad yang lalu. Buku ini menyelidiki usaha-usaha berkenaan serta cuba mengenalpasti sama ada usaha-usaha berkenaan saling melengkapi atau bertindan satu sama lain.

Henry Hazlitt
Author: Henry Hazlitt

Published Date: 2013

Dasar ekonomi memberi kesan kepada kehidupan setiap seorang warga sesebuah negara. Tiada seorang pun yang terkecuali. Namun, banyak kesilapan dalam memahami ekonomi telah dilakukan sepanjang sejarah.

Why Liberty?
Author: Wan Saiful and Tunku ‘Abidin

Published Date: 2013

The Malaysian Edition of Why Liberty includes two essays by IDEAS’ founders Wan Saiful and Tunku ‘Abidin. The ideas presented in this book are about an alternative view of politics: a politics, not of force, but of persuasion, of live-and-let-live, of rejecting both subjugation and domination.

The Potential of Independent Religious Schools: A Case Study of Al-Amin
Author: Anis Yusal Yusoff, Jenny Gryzelius, Sri Murniati
Date: 2013

This book compiles the ‘history’ of the fight against corruption in Malaysia and provides an overview of initiatives taken by various agencies, groups and organisations over the last few decades. This book trace the common features in these endeavours, and identify if and how they build on from each other.

This book is designed to help key stakeholders in the fight against corruption to evaluate previous initiatives and capture the lessons from these initiatives. We are hoping that this book will provide a platform for knowledge exchange and critical discussion among those involved in promoting and fighting corruption.

Are Free Trade Agreements (FTAs) bad for health?
Author: Friedrich von Hayek

Date: 2012

Jalan Perhambaan adalah terjemahan Bahasa Melayu hasil tulisan Friedrich Hayek (Road to Serfdom, Reader’s Digest Ed. 1945). Di dalam buku ini beliau “memberi amaran bahaya kezaliman yang akan bangkit hasil daripada kawalan kerajaan membuat keputusan ekonomi melalui perancangan pusat.” Beliau juga berhujah bahawa pengabaian individualisme dan liberalisme klasik akan membawa kepada kehilangan kebebasan, penciptaan sebuah masyarakat yang menindas, kezaliman diktator dan penghambaan individu. Paling ketara, Hayek mencabar pandangan umum di kalangan ahli akademik British bahawa fasisme adalah reaksi kapitalis terhadap sosialisme, sebaliknya berhujah bahawa fasisme dan sosialisme mempunyai akar yang sama dalam perancangan pusat ekonomi dan kuasa negeri ke atas individu.

Lesser Government in Business: An Unfulfilled Promise?
Authors: Abdul Aziz Bari

Date: 2013

This book is a must read for those interested in the working of constitutional democracy in Malaysia for several reasons. Firstly, it deals with the legal issues in a comprehensive way. Unlike most law books that are opaque for lay readers, it is accessible even for non-lawyers due to the lucid way it deals with the subject. Secondly, it is the only work that deals with the legitimacy of the position and roles of the Malaysian monarchy in modern democracy – something that appeals not only to Malaysian but also to those from countries that still retain the institution. Originally a doctoral thesis, the book takes a look at the history and development of the monarchy in Malaysia, which provide the moral bases for its constitutional roles. This is essentially what the provisions in the current constitution are all about.

Future of Pakatan Rakyat: Lessons from Selangor
Author: Keith Leong Yu Keen

Date: 2012

The Future of Pakatan Rakyat: Lessons from Selangor is a study on recent political developments in Malaysia, focusing on The Pakatan Rakyat coalition in Selangor. It is also an exploration of why effective opposition to the ruling Barisan Nasional has been so difficult thus far. Drawing upon previous scholarship on Malaysian politics, the author posits that this is due to the Malaysian state’s “syncretic” nature, in that its diversity makes a coherent struggle against the incumbents difficult. Nevertheless, the unprecedented changes in the Pakatan Rakyat parties and thorough socio-political change in Malaysian Society have made this possible for the first time.

How can Malaysia’s Asset Declaration System be improved to help combat corruption?
Author: Abdul Aziz Bari

Date: 2010

Perlembagaan adalah undang-undang tertinggi yang menjadi penanda aras untuk undang-undang yang lain; baik yang berbentuk akta parlimen atau undang-undang kecil yang dibuat oleh pihak eksekutif. Dengan demikian semua rakyat – termasuk mereka yang tidak mempunyai pendidikan undang-undang – perlu memahaminya kerana kedudukan dan hak mereka dikandung oleh perlembagaan.

What is the Role of Government? (Kwek Kon Yao)
Author: Kwek Kon Yao

Date: 2011

The question is, as the title of this booklet asks, what is the proper role of government? What are the things the government should and should not be doing? Where do the proper boundaries of government power lie? These are all questions that many of us do not think of asking. This booklet is a must read for all those interested in Political philosophy based on Ayn Rand’s ideas.