Pakatan Harapan – Sound Manifesto?

Aira Azhari, Coordinator, Democracy and Governance Unit, IDEAS | Adli Amirullah, Coordinator, Economic and Business Unit, IDEAS

Pakatan Harapan unveiled its election manifesto last Thursday.  The 60-point, 194-page manifesto – dubbed as ‘Buku Harapan’ – sets out the coalition’s policies. Criticism of the manifesto have not only come from rivals, but also some independent voices from both sides of the political spectrum. For instance, adviser to human rights organisation SUARAM, Kua Kia Soong, pointed to gaps in the manifesto with regard to how we don’t tax the super-rich adequately. Today we speak to analysts at a think-tank devoted to small government and free-market based solutions on their assessment of the manifesto.


Presented by: Sharaad Kuttan


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