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IDEAS urges politicians to put the interests of the country first

Kuala Lumpur, 25 February 2020- In response to recent political developments, IDEAS calls for all politicians to act with responsibility and integrity to form a stable government which is accountable to the public and can deliver much-needed reform in Malaysia.

The current situation has already had a significant economic impact and will create further delay in advancing a competitive economy, building trust in democratic institutions and promoting inclusive development in Malaysia. Political uncertainty over recent months has stymied progress with Pakatan Harapan’s reform agenda and now the question of who governs Malaysia has led to the collapse of the government. It is imperative now that political stability is restored and the new government swiftly switches focus from political machinations to implementing reforms which will improve the lives of all Malaysians.

At this time, politicians of all parties should act with the highest degree of responsibility, integrity and with regard to their duty to the public. Whatever new government emerges from this process will need to rebuild public trust in the political process, which has been damaged by recalibration of the ruling government without any input from the voters.

These events also highlight the need for a different kind of politics in Malaysia – politics based on policy, not personalities. IDEAS has always strived for a more constructive political debate. We accept that multi-party democracies necessarily create divisions in politics, but we need to find a path to divisions based on the honest contest of ideas, not divisions based on power and personalities. We hope that politicians take this opportunity to demonstrate that a better kind of politics is possible in Malaysia.

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