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This webinar will discuss the economic impact on Malaysia if Taiwan joins the CPTPP. Malaysia and Taiwan are two open, trade-based economies with a deep economic relationship, despite the lack of a formal trade agreement. Both economies face questions over how they will remain competitive over the coming years. Competition in the region is increasingly fierce, with new technologies further fragmenting value chains. These trends are complicated by a shifting policy environment – where once the Trans-Pacific Partnership was set to provide the framework for trade, it has been downgraded to the CPTPP and the US is taking a unilateralist approach. Whereas Taiwan – linked to its ambitious Southbound Policy – has signalled its intention to join the Comprehensive and Progressive Trans-Pacific Partnership (CPTPP).

Malaysia has signed the agreement but is unwilling to ratify and implement. How would Taiwan’s membership impact the Malaysian economy? What are the prospects for the CPTPP moving forward as the vehicle for rules-based trade in the Asia Pacific? How can Malaysia and Taiwan achieve continued economic and industrial growth amid the continued pressure to compete and turbulence in the global economy?

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