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IDEAS’ ASEAN Prosperity Initiative (API) is a platform connecting researchers and subject matter experts, private sector professionals as well as senior government officials to build understanding and consensus in supporting the process of achieving greater ASEAN economic integration. This IDEAS ASEAN Prosperity Initiative Forum 2020 is a culmination of various research and advocacy activities over the past year, and it aims to facilitate discussions to rethink policy direction for the region in order to create a sustainable and equitable ASEAN recovery plan.

ASEAN as a region has mixed success in fighting the COVID-19 pandemic. Most member states have implemented containment measures in an effort to flatten the infection curve. These measures have resulted in unprecedented disruptions in the supply chain, regional human capital mobility and trade.

However, some interesting trends have emerged from the pandemic: Reconfiguration of supply chains in the region, shifting consumer behaviour towards sustainability, as well as accelerating digitalisation efforts.  These trends are forcing firms to re-assess their business models in order to survive and pivot more successfully.

What does these changing trends imply about the future development of ASEAN? How would they affect the future business opportunities across ASEAN? How can ASEAN take this opportunity to promote shared prosperity and equality within the region?

IDEAS ASEAN Prosperity Initiative Forum 2020 hopes to:

  • Provide an assessment of the recovery trajectory of ASEAN member states
  • Identify changing macro trends in ASEAN which affect competitiveness and sustainability of businesses in ASEAN
  • Propose policy recommendations to ASEAN member states to promote greater economic integration and expanding linkages

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