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Siti Nurbaiyah Nadzmi

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Siti Nurbaiyah Nadzmi

Siti Nurbaiyah Nadzmi is a specialist in getting the message across in diverse settings, backed by 30 years of experience in Journalism, Corporate and Government.



Siti Nurbaiyah Nadzmi , Chief Operating Officer and External Relations Director of IDEAS

She was the Press Secretary to the Minister of MESTECC, YB Yeo Bee Yin holding the role to advise and develop communication plans; streamlined communications between the Minister’s office and the Ministry’s department and agencies; and liaised with Media professionals.

Prior to that, she managed internal, external and crisis communications and Press relations at a logistics company and a leading global palm oil company. She was a senior journalist at New Straits Times.

An expert at cutting through all the noise and chatter that often obscure the intended message that was to be communicated. This resulted in clear, easily digested articles be they in the form of written words, films or podcasts.

As a communication specialist , she planned, trained, deployed, and executed communication strategies to get the intended results be them in influencing public perspectives, business direction or governmental action during her stints in journalism, corporate and government sectors.

Had faced and overcame various obstacles through the years, from a stuck typewriter’s key when the digital world was at its infancy to battling the deluge of false news and information in the internet-centred world of today by communicating solid facts garnered through thorough research of the subject at hand.

Graduated from Middlesex University UK in Writing, she is currently an Associate Fellow at LESTARI UKM.