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Fatimah Mohamed Arshad

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Professor Fatimah Mohamed Arshad

Professor Fatimah Mohamed Arshad is a Senior Fellow under the Social Policy Unit in IDEAS.


Fatimah Mohamed Arshad is a research fellow at the Institute of Agricultural and Food Policy Studies, Universiti Putra Malaysia specializing in agricultural marketing and policy analyses. She is currently a member of the country’s National Agriculture Advisory Council, Ministry of Agriculture and Food Industry. Her research areas include; agricultural marketing and economics issues, policy analyses, and agricultural market structure, conduct and performance. She has carried out various policy research studies particularly on the role of agricultural subsidies and incentives in the paddy and rice industry, farm management, food security, agricultural cooperatives, food supply chain and marketing, price analyses and forecasting and commodity and agricultural sector modelling. She has developed a vintage model for estimating oil palm production, system dynamics models on pertinent issues in agriculture such as food security, the archetypes of commodity sector growth (oil palm, rubber and cocoa)  and modelling of the paddy and rice sector of Malaysia.

She believes that the role of the smallholders in agriculture can be further enhanced through knowledge empowerment and treading the path of collaborative commons particularly cooperatives for sustainability, equity and growth.