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Social Policy

Real change comes when individuals get together to pursue a common good. At IDEAS we believe that individuals and companies have the ability to help the poor and underprivileged. Our work in IDEAS Academy, a secondary education centre for underprivileged youth as well as IDEAS Autism Centre, an intervention care centre for children with autism from low income households demonstrate how it is possible for private actors can help play a more direct role in society.

Under the theme of inclusive development our work covers policies in the areas of:


  • Ethnicity and religion
  • Healthcare
  • Inclusive Growth
  • Education


Professor Fatimah Kari

Professor Dr. Fatimah Kari

Senior Fellow

Professor Dr. Fatimah Kari is a Senior Fellow under the Social Policy Unit in IDEAS. She earned a Bachelor’s degree from National University of Malaysia (UKM), a Master of Economics from the University of Leicester, UK and a PhD (Economics) from Mississippi State University, United States.

Philip Stevens

Philip Stevens

Senior Fellow

Philip Stevens is a Senior Fellow at IDEAS Social Policy Unit. A specialist in intellectual property and healthcare policies, he founded Geneva Network in 2015.