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Restoring Trust in Institutions

We champion the principles of an open and accountable government because it is essential in building public trust in political institutions. Our work in this area encompasses a wide range of issues based on the themes of open government, rule of law, and accountability.

Some of the initiatives that we are promoting to help realise these aims are the Open Government Partnership to increase government responsiveness to citizens. We are also part of the International Budget Partnership, an international network which advocates the use of budgets as a tool for for improving governance. We also launched a nation-wide campaign called ‘NyahKorupsi’ highlighting improvements to Malaysia’s anti-corruption laws.


  • Transparency
  • Ombudsman Office
  • Procurement
  • Open Government
  • Attorney General
  • Anti-corruption


Sri Murniati


Sri Murniati is currently pursuing a PhD in the Political Economy of Corruption at the University of Nottingham under our scholarship. She was previously the Research Manager at IDEAS and completed her Masters in Ohio University as a Fulbright scholar. Sri specialises in governance-related issues ranging from government procurement, budget and fiscal transparency and governance of extractive industries.