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For Thinking Liberally, by Wan Saiful Wan Jan first published by The Star 28 Feb 2017 On paper Malaysia has quite a good framework to regulate businesses in Malaysia. The Malaysian Productivity Corporation (MPC) introduced a framework called the R [...]
By Wan Saiful Wan Jan for Sin Chew Daily, 25 Feb 2017                             Have you ever bought fake products like fake branded watches or fake branded football jersey? D [...]
First published in Freemalaysiatoday. KUALA LUMPUR: In the government’s quest to enhance public universities’ financial autonomy, it must ensure proper steps are put in place to prevent leakages, corruption and abuse of power. Past incidences have [...]
First published in Kebanyakan majikan meluahkan perasaan kecewa terhadap graduan baru lepasan institusi pengajian tinggi (IPT) kerana menganggap kualiti kerja mereka berada di tahap ‘sederhana,’ sekali gus menyebabkan hanya sejumlah  [...]