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Improving trade openness and Malaysian political economy

IDEAS invite submissions of research paper to be published as our policy briefing papers on these two following general themes.

a. The potential impacts of Malaysian-EU Free Trade Agreement (MEUFTA) dan Trans-Pacific Parnership Agreement (TPPA) on Malaysia

We are seeking two separate papers that elaborate upon the potential impacts of, first, MEUFTA and second, the TPPA on Malaysia, particularly on its economy and political economy. Any papers that study the potential positive impacts of these two trade agreements on small and medium enterprises, government procurement, state-owned enterprises, and the Malaysian political economy in general are welcomed, particularly highlighting the potential benefits that can be brought to Malaysia, given the potential of free trade We are, however, also seeking papers that can anticipate the potential negative impacts of these two trade agreements and propose ways to address those impacts without heavy government intervention.

b. Removing protection on Malaysian national cars

We are seeking papers that discuss the Malaysian national automotive policies that are presently applied, and are particularly interested in an analysis of policies that should be in place to remove government protection but that would see the local car industry develop and expand. Papers that discuss the impact of government protectionist policy on the domestic car market including benefits and losses for the consumer market and the impacts of this removal to the local car industry will be welcomed.

Please submit a concept note and latest resume to by 15 August 2014. The concept note should be between 800-1000 words in length, and effectively communicate preliminary ideas for the final paper and its methodology.

Accepted authors will be notified by 22 August 2014.

The full paper should be submitted to by 30 September 2014. Submissions should be between 4000-6000 words in length.

Accepted papers will undergo a peer-review process coordinated and monitored by IDEAS.

IDEAS will provide an honorarium for the writer, at an agreed-upon rate.

Published papers will be made accessible to the public through our website as part of the Policy Ideas publications, and distributed to policy makers, members of Parliament, and relevant government officials. For examples of past publications, please visit

IDEAS will also provide opportunities for authors to present their findings to groups of relevant stakeholders such as government officials, member of business organisations, member of parliaments, and other think-tanks or NGOs.

Additionally we will provide a platform for the presentation of important research findingsin our monthly press statements, regularly picked up by print and broadcast media, nationally, regionally, and internationally. Social media, such as Twitter and Facebook, will also be used for further promotion.

We look forward to receiving any and all submissions in response to the call, and we are happy to answer any questions that you may have. Please direct any questions to Sri Murniati, Manager of Political Economy and Governance Unit at



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